Watch: Evie Joy’s “Expiration Date”

Evie Joy

“Expiration Date” is Evie Joy’s groovy, jazzy, battle song about standing up, taking charge, and making things right.

As Joy summed it up, it’s a “Fuck you, I’m done!” single, and the track has a perfect flow, starting out soft, and getting bold for the second half. Joy’s vocals are sweet like honey, but dripping with perfect, fierce pride, and the visuals pop as she takes vengeance in the video.

And, oh yes, the track is definitely based on a real story.

Joy is an alt-pop, alt-jazz singer with skills playing ukulele. She’s also the recipient of the Johnny Mercer Foundation Award. She has a number of shows coming up in New York City, as well as Bethel, CT, and Boston, MA.

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