Listen: Nick Fabian’s “Let Me Down”

Nick Fabian's Let Me Down
Nick Fabian’s Let Me Down

Nick Fabian’s “Let Me Down” is an anthemic single that hits home for anyone who’s come through hardship or heartache, and it’s also just a damn fine, catchy song.

The track was born of frustration while Fabian was playing his family’s Steinway piano, and the results are totally charming and moving.

“I just started writing this taunt to the devil, the world, publishers who rejected me, everybody,” Fabian said. “Whatever you do to me, it’s not going to end me. It’s going to make me stronger.”

“I write things much more intentionally now,” Fabian added. “I hope if people take anything away from ‘Let Me Down,’ it’s that suffering and pain in life can always lead to a better version of you, if you let it.”

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