Listen: Bree Whitworth’s “Don’t Let Me Go”

“It all started with a broken heart,” Canadian singer and songwriter Bree Whitworth said of her latest single, “Don’t Let Me Go”. “But isn’t that how every great love song begins?”

Whitworth’s “Don’t Let Me Go” is the second single from her upcoming EP Siren Songs, and the classically trained pianist wrote it after what she called a “devastating breakup,” following a hiatus in her career.

“It was the first time I had written new music in almost four years, and it was such a cathartic process for me,” she said. “Writing these songs helped me reflect on this relationship, and put my feelings into lyrics that ultimately helped me heal.”

Through writing the EP and her latest songs, she found she could lyrically and emotionally let go.

“I named the album Siren Songs not because I want to lure sailors to their deaths with an irresistible song…” she joked, “but because love is like a ‘siren song’… it’s something alluring but potentially risky. Yet will still go back for more.”

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