Watch: Daniella Mason’s “Deepest of Wells”

by W. Andrew Powell

Dive into Daniella Mason’s mind, and psyche, with the video for her new single “Deepest of Wells”, a dreamy, fluid, and striking collaboration that blends transcendent visuals with the artist’s gorgeous vocals.

“Deepest of Wells” is from Mason’s Mental State EP, and part of her State of Mine sound series that will include four EPs exploring “different parts of our humanity that we tend to suppress and have difficulty embracing.” The other three releases are Emotional State, Physical State, and Spiritual State.

For the video, “The aim was to create a dream sequence,” Mason said. “It felt like the only way to make this beautifully existential feeling of wandering throughout your mind… how aimless and untethered it can feel. But this video also tells the story of inviting someone into the farthest reaches of your psyche, both dark and light, and the vulnerability of it all.”

“When it came to the specific visuals we wanted to incorporate, I wanted to pull directly from the way I have pictured my own mind,” she said, “the dark, small corners that have turned into vast, bright space; the deep well turned ocean turned dry land; and the chaos brought into order.”

“Deepest of Wells” was shot and edited by Dylan Reyes.

Watch the video for Daniella Mason’s “Deepest of Wells” below and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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