Watch: Reay’s “Lemondrop Girl”

Orillia’s alt indie rockers Reay have worked long and hard on their upcoming album Butterfly Tongue Revisited. Lead singer Sean Murray, a veteran Ontario musician, has made it a labour of love, and their classic yet refreshing “Lemondrop Girl” is the latest single ahead of the release.

“This has been a project of perseverance,” Murray said of the album. “It’s been in the works for close to 15 years. Right from the beginning, I knew these songs were special. And since then, I have put so much time and effort and sweat into finishing them. It’s been weighing on my shoulders for so long. There have been so many times I wanted to give up, but my soul would never have rested. I could never have gone to my grave without putting out these songs. It would have been the biggest regret of my life. So I just kept coming back to it whenever I had the chance — and now it’s finally finished. And it’s the most soul-cleansing experience of my life.” 

Reay are Murray (lead vocals, guitar & keys), Bayze Murray (guitar & Keys), Ryan Smith (guitar), Chad VanDusen (bass), and Matt Copeland (drums).

Butterfly Tongue Revisited comes out on September 6, and Murray promises that the album will have a lot of surprises.

“Every single song, we tore the drum kit down and set it up in a different space. Sometimes we used a different snare or ride cymbal,” Murray said. “A lot of the songs have two drum tracks, one on either side of the mix. There are a lot of delays and hypnotic beats. In some cases, we recorded over a dozen guitar tracks that we edited down into two or three performances. We used a real cello. We had a trombone player and a flautist come in to do parts. Putting it all together was like painting a picture. It’s definitely an ear massage. And now, nobody can really put their finger on who it sounds like. It’s all over the map.” 

Watch the video for Reay’s “Lemondrop Girl” below and then follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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