Watch: Mayssa Karaa’s “Versailles”

Mayssa Karaa

You need to check out this alluring, exotic pop single. Mayssa Karaa’s “Versailles” is a lush, opulent track that’s full of heart and soul, and layered with rich Middle Eastern sound, all mixed around Karaa’s stunning vocals.

“Versailles” is from Karaa’s debut album, Simple Cure, and follows a string of hits for the rising star. The album was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Rich Jacques, and follows her hit singles “White Rabbit”, and “Hayati,” which she crafted with Academy Award-winning producer AR Rahman.

“Embrace your origins, as well as the whole world, because ultimately, we are really all connected,” Karaa said of the single. “What happens when you’re finally able to push all the negativity away from your life? Something truly magical and extraordinary. We often forget that we should live in the moment, because we only have one life, and it is happening…now! This song is all about what happens when we free ourselves from all the harmful stereotypes, preconceptions and false beliefs that might affect our thinking through life.”

“Using the luxury of the stunning Palace of Versailles in France as a powerful metaphor, this song is all about portraying how exciting life could be, if we only realized that we don’t need a royal palace, a castle or a temple…it’s all in your mind,” she said. “The happy place is within ourselves, and we can get there whenever we want if we only embrace it…”

Watch the video below for Mayssa Karaa’s “Versailles” and then check out more of her music on Spotify, visit her website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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