Watch: Christina Martin’s “The Winner Takes It All”

Christina Martin

Christina Martin’s cover of the classic “The Winner Takes It All” is elegant, somber, and moving, and it’s part of a brand new album of covers and original new music.

“I haven’t split with anyone in a while, but when I sing this song it reminds me of how hard breakups can be,” Martin said of the cover.

“It’s definitely a favourite of mine from my high school days, singing along and dancing to ABBA before I knew anything about breaking up with someone or getting dumped.”

The Nova Scotian indie-pop singer and songwriter released the single from her seventh and latest album, Wonderful Lie, which is out now and includes 10 tracks.

“Some of the songs on this record have been favourites of mine for decades,” she said. “When I was living in Austin [Texas], a friend gave me a cassette tape of live acoustic recordings. Shawn Colvin was on it, and I was enthralled by her performance of a song called, ‘Even Here We Are,’ written by American songwriter Paul Westerberg. That’s when I started listening to Paul, and one of my favourites of his was always ‘It’s A Wonderful Lie’.”

“This year felt like the right time to explore our take on six of my favourite songs,” Martin said. “The tie that binds across this album is that all the songs are mostly very stripped down in nature.”

Martin is on tour now across Canada, with dates coming up throughout Manitoba, Alberta, and cities across Canada. Toruing with lead guitarist and producer Dale Murray, the tour includes an impressive 49 shows from coast to coast.

Watch Christina Martin’s video for “The Winner Takes It All” below, listen to more of her music on Spotify, visit her website for tour dates, and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.