Listen: Lily Kershaw's "Now & Then"

Lily Kershaw

Lily Kershaw is one of the most captivating singers I’ve heard in a long time, and her single “Now & Then” is gorgeous and emotional, swelling with heart, with a quality that makes it sound like she’s singing just for you.

Her sound and style are honest, sometimes heartbreaking and visceral, but most of all, angelic and a little otherworldly.

The Los Angeles singer and songwriter released the single from her new sophomore album, Arcadia, late in 2019.

Talking about the single, Kershaw said, “There are a lot of endings currently happening in my life. And all of a sudden it was like this thing hurt so bad and the only way out is through.”

She describes the album as “the promise that there is no real end, that everything is possible. This record was not born because I was happy and comfortable. This record exists because I was in pain. The most uncomfortable, dark things can actually have the promise of a lot of hope and growth.”

Stream Lily Kershaw’s new album Arcadia, listen to “Now & Then” below, check out “Always & Forever” on YouTube, and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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