Review: At Eternity’s Gate

A perfect example of a film where the style being employed in no way matches the strength of the material goods that went into making it, At Eternity’s Gate nearly wastes a decent story and an exceptional leading performance from Willem Dafoe as legendarily troubled painter Vincent Van Gogh through persnickety directorial touches.

Review: the documentary ‘Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait’

American visual artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel has been a controversial figure in fine art circles for decades now, and Italian director Pappi Corsicato’s fawning, laudatory, and frustratingly vague documentary Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait won’t win over any detractors in the slightest. Portraying his subject as a driven, single-minded, “Capital A” Artist unmatched by his peers, Corsicato’s skin deep look into Schnabel (who also serves as a producer) and his process is so lightweight and useless that it could blow over when there isn’t even a breeze present.