New Kids kick off ‘The Block’ in Toronto

Fan favorite boy band New Kids on the Block kicked off their first tour in nearly fourteen years at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre on Thursday, September 2.

With thousands of fans screaming for me, the band first made it big in the 80s and 90s before disbanding in June 1994. The quintet announced that they would be reuniting in April 2008, and released their new album, The Block, on September 2.

2008 MMVAs – Quick photos

Okay, so it was a busy, busy night. I just got home from the MuchMusic Video Awards and I ended up shooting just over 600 photos (not as many as some years, but enough to make sorting and editing a major job). I got images of nearly all the major attendees, including the New Kids on the Block, Rihanna, Rainn Wilson, Girlicious, Simple Plan and a bunch of others.