Belkin WeMo LED Starter Set & WeMo Smart LED Bulbs now available in stores

by W. Andrew Powell
Belkin WeMo Smart LED Bulb Starter Kit

Belkin’s ever-expanding home automation and remote control ecosystem is ever expanding, and last week they announced the availability of their new WeMo LED Starter Set and WeMo Smart LED Bulbs, which give you control over scheduling, customizing, and otherwise controlling your household lights from your smartphone or tablet.

The WeMo LED Starter Set is available in Canada now, including at Best Buy and Future Shop, for a suggested price of $99, with the individual WeMo Smart LED Bulbs retailing for a suggested $39.99.

The WeMo Smart LED Bulbs look similar to your average light bulb, and they fit into standard sockets, but using a WeMo Link the LED bulbs connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network so you can open up the WeMo app and control them with a few taps.

Belkin suggests that the life span on the LED bulbs is up to 23 years, and they provide the equivalent light of a 60-watt bulb, but they only consume up to 10 watts of power while offering 800 lumens and 3000 kelvins, which is a warm white light that you can dim to suit your mood.

From the WeMo app, users can create rules and schedules for when the LED bulbs will turn on or off, including based on sunrise or sunset, or if you want to set a vacation mode. Additionally, there is a “dim-to-sleep” feature that slowly dims the light over a given time until it turns fully off. The product will also work with other WeMo products like the WeMo Light Switch and the WeMo Insight Switch.

The best feature, however, might be that users can create groups of WeMo Smart LED Bulbs, so you could set a whole area to light up or turn off on a certain schedule, or just when you flick your WeMo Light Switch.

Included in the WeMo LED Starter Set are two WeMo Smart LED Bulbs plus a WeMo Link, which can control a total of 50 individual smart bulbs.

The WeMo app is available for free from the Google Play Store and in the App Store.

Belkin has also confirmed that the WeMo Link will work with the WeMo-enabled ULTRA iQ BR30 LED bulbs, which will be launched later in the fall from Osram Sylvania.

WeMo Smart LED Bulbs (F7C033):

  • Turn lights on/off or schedule from anywhere
  • Fully dimmable
  • Standard, A-19 bulb size
  • 60W equivalent bulbs last up to 23 years
  • Vacation mode automatically turns lights on/off to simulate occupancy
  • Dim to sleep—gradually dim lights to fall asleep more naturally
  • Warm white light similar to incandescent bulbs
  • Works with the WeMo app, available for Android or iOS

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