Inateck Mini HiFi Bluetooth speaker review

by W. Andrew Powell
Inateck Mini HiFi Bluetooth speaker

Inateck Mini HiFi Bluetooth Speaker [BTSP-10]
$49.99 at


  • Light and compact, especially compared to other similar speakers.
  • Surprising bass quality for such a small, light speaker.
  • Solid design and build.
  • Clear sound at all volume levels.
  • Above-average battery life.


  • Sound quality can be a little sharp.
  • Could use a little more grip on the base for using it on-the-go and on angled surfaces.

Verdict: A worthy travel-friendly Bluetooth speaker for the budget-conscious.

There is no shortage of Bluetooth speakers, and yet the Inateck Mini HiFi Bluetooth Speaker is noteworthy because it hits all the right notes at a very affordable price, and with a portable, light and sturdy design.

Priced at just under $50, and weighing 375 grams, the Inateck Bluetooth Speaker is portable sound on a budget with a modern, tactile design, and easy-to-use buttons to pair the speaker, adjust volume, and turn the speaker on and off. The little device, which features dual channel speakers, also comes with a standard 3.5mm audio cable for old-school pairings, so you don’t need Bluetooth to hear your favorite music.

Playback through any Bluetooth device is simple–just like any other wireless audio. The Inateck Bluetooth Speaker pairs easily and will output all your audio from your cell phone, for example, once the Bluetooth has been turned on, and since the speaker also has a built-in microphone, you can use it for a conference call for clear and crisp conversations.

I did minimal testing with the microphone, but it worked well for my tests, with fairly clear audio up to a couple of feet away.

For playback, I do have a minor complaint with the audio, which can be a little sharp at times, particularly for some songs, but it’s not a huge flaw, and the surprising bass quality makes up for it. The speaker also has a very good battery life. Although I didn’t test for specific hours of use, it is advertised at up to 10 hours of battery life over Bluetooth.

On-the-go, the Inateck Bluetooth Speaker delivers what it promises, and it fits well into most bags for travelling. Compared to some bigger, more expensive alternatives, it’s well worth the price, especially since it fits so well in smaller bags.

Inateck Mini HiFi Bluetooth speaker and box

Inateck Mini HiFi Bluetooth speaker and box

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