A meal and everyone’s favorite music with Sonos Playlist Potluck

by W. Andrew Powell
Sonos Playlist Potluck

Good food and great music go together like best friends, and this holiday season Sonos has a new way to make your parties extra festive by inviting your guests to supply the music. Sonos calls it a Playlist Potluck, and recently I had a chance to experience it first-hand with Notable founder Julian Brass, who hosted the party, and Eatertainment’s Sebastien Centner catering the special event.

The intimate meal was fantastic, Centner had the perfect dishes, and we supplied the soundtrack for the night. There was an eclectic mix of music that represented everyone in the room, which led to conversations about our favorite concerts.

Here’s the easy part of the experience: you plan your event, register your Playlist Potluck, and invite your guests to add tracks to the special Spotify playlist for the evening. Once the party starts, just hit play, and you’ve got the perfect music for your evening with friends or family. The result is a night that is sure to get people talking about their favorite music, and it’s better than any radio station.

Sonos Playlist Potluck

What I love about the partnership is that it shows off the strengths of both Sonos and Spotify, while offering something unique for parties. Who doesn’t want to contribute songs to a party? It makes for a fun experience before the party even starts, and everyone has their favorite music they will want to share. Sonos also has exceptional speakers, so it’s a great excuse to either add a speaker or two to your house, or buy your first speaker from the brand that frankly makes the best connected speaker on the market.

Once the party is started, you can even still add more music to the playlist queue in the Sonos app or on Spotify.

Until the end of the year, anyone who registers for the Playlist Potluck also has a chance to win a dinner for 10 people with a top Canadian chef, so that’s not a bad reason to sign up for the Playlist Potluck.

If all of that wasn’t enough, Sonos even did a study and found that 75% of people surveyed agreed that music helped break the ice at a party, and 61% said background music even made the food taste better.

Thanks to Sonos, Julian, Sebastien, John, and all of the guests for such a fun evening with great food, music, and stories. I’ve already made my own playlist for my family’s Christmas dinner, and just for fun I thought I’d also offer up my own playlist from the evening with Sonos.

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