5 tips to get the most from your Roku device or Roku TV

by W. Andrew Powell

Are you getting the most out of your Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku TV, or Roku Express? Aside from streaming your favourite content, there are a lot of features on the devices you may not know about, so I put together five tips to try that may surprise you.

From taking your Roku with you when you travel, private listening, voice search, screen sharing, to searching channels, there are a lot of features you should check out on your Roku.

Do not disturb with Private listening

Whether you don’t want to disturb someone else in the house, or want to give the kids time with their favourite show while you do something else, private listening is a fantastic feature.

Using the Roku app, or a Roku remote that supports the feature, just plug in your headphones and press the headphones icon. Now you, or the kids, can listen to your favourite show as loud as you want, without disturbing anyone.

Voice and in-app searching

Take the work out of searching with Voice Search. From the Roku app or on select remote controls, like the Roku Streaming Stick+, you can press a button and just say what you’re want to find.

From actors, movies, TV shows, or even directors, voice search gets you to the results quicker, without typing through the on-screen keyboard. You can also use the Roku app to type in your searches.

Screen sharing with Photos+

Want to show off photos or videos from your latest trip, photos of your kids, listen to music from your phone, or even go over work images? Photos+ on the Roku App lets you share music, photos, or videos from your phone to your connected Roku TV or Roku device.

Just open up the Photos+ tab in the app, and select what you want to share and it will show up on the big screen. Video is impressively smooth and looks great with a good Wi-Fi connection.

Take your Roku on the road with Hotel & Dorm Connect

If you’re going on a trip, headed to your dorm, or just travelling, you can take your Roku with you using Hotel & Dorm Connect. Most Roku devices, including the Roku Streaming Stick+, support the feature that lets you watch your favourite shows and movies.

Just bring your device with you, plug it in, and connect it to the hotel or dorm TV. Then use your smartphone or computer to connect to the hotel’s wireless network. For full details, read the instructions on Roku.com.

Find more to watch in the Channel Store

Roku’s home screen is incredibly easy to navigate, but if you want to find a new channel, the Roku app makes it very easy to find more to watch on your Roku device.

Just open the app and go to Channels to find your favourite channels, or browse new channels in the Channel Store.

You can search for the channel name, or browse all of the available channels by genre, including games, music, apps, or topics like Travel, or Sports.

The channel list in the app also gives you quick access to jump from one thing to another, whether you want to find a video in YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or jump into free movies and shows on the Roku Channel.

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