DJI Pocket 2 is available now | 4k/60fps video, up to 64 MP photos, and creator accessories

by W. Andrew Powell
DJI Pocket 2 with accessories

DJI has been busy this fall. Last week they announced two new gimbals, and today they launched the DJI Pocket 2, available for order starting now.

The Pocket 2 mini stabilized camera drops Osmo from the name, and includes an upgraded camera, larger sensor, digital zoom, better image quality, new video modes, and accessories.

Overall, the design is very similar to the original. It’s 117 grams–just 1 gram more than the original–and offers 140 minutes of battery life, adding up to 20 minutes more shooting time. It also has a larger 1/1.7″ sensor, with a 20mm f/1.8 lens for cinematic-style footage.

Shooting modes deliver 16MP images, or 64 MP in high-resolution mode, while video supports resolution of 4K/60fps at 100Mbps, with HDR for improved colour. Hybrid 2.0 AF, blending phase and contrast detection, speeds up focusing.

In terms of zoom, you’ll be able to get up to 8x in 64 MP mode, or up to 4x lossless in 1080p or 16 MP mode.

And DJI has also updated the audio for the Pocket 2, with additions like Matrix Stereo for clear audio thanks to four microphones, Directional Audio to enhance the sound, SoundTrack to keep the microphones pointed at the subject, and Audio Zoom narrows the audio field. Plus there’s noise reduction, too.

Otherwise, the biggest change is the addition of a removable base plate, so you can attach a number of slick creator-focused accessories, or use it as a stand-alone camera.

“We listened to our customers’ feedback and adapted the iconic design and form factor while raising the bar for the camera system,” DJI President Roger Luo said.

“Whether you are out and about capturing everyday stories or a vlogger who requires more creative flair, the built-in intelligent features and different video templates allow anyone to create cinematic and engaging content. Everyone and anyone can shoot a video, but Pocket 2 can help you capture footage like a pro, taking your visual storytelling skills to a whole new level.”

Pre-programmed modes on the Pocket 2 include: Pro Mode for full control over settings like ISO and shutter speed; ActiveTrack 3.0; Slow Motion in 1080p mode; Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Motionlapse; Panoramas; Livestreaming directly to Facebook, YouTube, or RTMP; and Story Mode for preset templates.

And let’s talk about the accessories. You can now add extras like a charging case, wireless microphone set, waterproof housing, smaller control wheel, extension rod, wide-angle lens, wireless module, and a smartphone support system, depending on what you need to capture.

Creators will also likely want to look at the other new add-ons, like the Micro Tripod, Do-It-All Handle with tripod base, wireless microphone, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, speaker, 3.5mm audio jack, and wireless microphone receiver.

Available today for orders, the DJI Pocket 2 includes the Mini Control Stick and tripod mount for $349 USD, while the DJI Pocket 2 Creator Combo includes the Mini Control Stick, tripod mount, Wide-Angle Lens, Wireless Microphone + Windscreen, Do-It-All Handle, and Micro Tripod for $499 USD.

In Canada, pricing will be $449 and $669 for the Creator Combo.

DJI Care Refresh will be available for the DJI Pocket 2, with up to two replacement units in one year, or 3 replacement units for the 2-year plan.

Stay tuned soon for our review and videos with the new device.

DJI Pocket 2
DJI Pocket 2

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