Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds | Review

by W. Andrew Powell
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

When it comes to sound quality, very few products beat Sennheiser, and that’s true once again for the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds. Against all the other earbuds that I’ve ever tried, nothing beats the way they make every song sound better.

There is a lot of competition for earbuds these days too. They’ve gotten smaller, louder, smarter, and they have better batteries than ever before. Against all the others though, none have the depth or range of the Momentum True Wireless 2.

Balancing size, weight, and features, there’s a lot to love about Sennheiser’s impressive earbuds, and while I do have a couple of complaints, I’ll be using these for long time.


There’s no topping the sound quality on these earbuds. Music and audio sounds clean, velvety and crisp in all the right places, with bass, vibrancy, and depth that will make you listen to some of your favourite songs with a fresh perspective.

It’s easy to forget what great audio sounds like, when we listen to so much music on smart speakers, headphones, and computers with good but never great profiles. These systems tend to cover the basics, but they’re rarely tuned for true, high quality audio.

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds sound like they’ve been designed around the audio quality, rather than features and battery life. They do have good features and battery life too, but first and foremost they’re for music lovers and audiophiles.

They offer acoustics that feel like there’s space between you and the speakers, and that’s a big deal for earbuds. Most earbuds make audio sound so close, because they really don’t have any the space between your ear and the speaker, but the MTW2 earbuds open up the audio to create a soundscape. It’s an impressive effect for earbuds.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

The bass alone almost makes it feel like you’re wearing headphones–I was honestly surprised by the depth, thanks to the bespoke 7 mm dynamic drivers.

Listening to a song like Jain’s “Come” lets you actually hear the kick drum–it doesn’t sound like a rumble, it sounds like an actual kick drum. I’ve heard this song a dozen times on different headphones and earbuds, and Sennheiser delivers a clear, realistic sound that really surprised me.

One of my other tests for headphones and speakers for me is Oliver Schroer’s “Field of Stars”. The song is a solo violin recorded in a church in Europe, and with quality audio products, I love the way you can hear the echo of each note. The sound quality with the MTW2 earbuds was as good as I’ve heard on any high end products. Better than most; richer, fuller, and more pleasing.

And it’s not just music, either. For gaming, watching TV or movies, and even just taking calls, the audio has been refined in every way. It’s difficult finding anything about the audio quality to complain about.


The design for the Sennheiser MTW2 earbuds is good, but they’re slightly bulky. However, the earbuds are very stable, once they’re placed in your ear, and they’re comfortable for extended wear. Only the cuff actually sits in the ear canal, so they are more comfortable than many alternatives.

You can also easily pull them out of your ear without mistakenly pressing on the touch-sensitive panel, and that’s something I can’t say about many other earbuds. Usually, if I try and remove other earbuds, I end up pressing pause or play.

The size of the earbuds is also likely one of the reasons the MTW2s offer so much depth, space, and overall sound quality, so I find it hard to fault them on the design that also stands apart from competitors.

The earbuds stick out perhaps a milometer from your ear, so they’re fairly flush with your ear, and you’re not likely to mistakenly hit them.

Looking at the charging case, it feels like a premium design, with a fabric cover, and while it’s bigger than some cases, it will fit in most pockets, or in a small bag. I actually like the size of the case too, because it’s big enough that I think it will be easy to find, and harder to lose.

The earbuds are also IPX4 splash resistant, so you can wear them out in most weather without worrying about them, short of actual rainstorms.

Features & Battery

Battery life will last 7 hours on a single charge, and up to 28 hours by charging with the case. That’s fairly typical for wireless earbuds, and they did seem to last around 7 hours for me, depending on how loud I was playing music, and the amount of bass.

Charging takes 90 minutes to get a full charge, or you can get 90 minutes of play time by charging for 10 minutes.

Features include Bluetooth 5.1, customizable controls using the Sennheiser Smart Control app for iOS and Android, voice assistant support for Google or Apple, and active noise cancellation that does a good job of putting your audio or music front-and-center.

Like many earbuds, the ANC doesn’t remove all outside noise, but it does do a good job of reducing it to the point where street noise is taking you away from your music.

Pairing the earbuds with my phone was fast and worked well. The built-in equalizer made everything I listened to sound excellent, but you can control the EQ from the app, if you like your sound a certain way.

Price & Final Thoughts

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds are available in classic black or white and grey with a 2 year warranty, and retail for $329.95 from Sennheiser, including free shipping in Canada. Or you can purchase them from Best Buy Canada for $399.95.

Compared to some competitors, the MTW 2 earbuds are more expensive, but they fit right, work well, last as expected, and the sound quality ranks in the top 3 of any I’ve tried. They also feel like quality earbuds, which is saying something against many other devices, and from my experience with Sennheiser, I expect they’ll last for years.

If you’re willing to pay for that sound quality, these are absolutely the earbuds for you.

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