BMO focusing on digital-first strategy while reskilling for the future

by W. Andrew Powell

The modern workplace is constantly changing to meet the latest demands, from hybrid work environments, to automation, and that’s created opportunities as well as challenges for people and businesses. BMO Financial Group (BMO) is working to meet an ambitious growth plan, and it’s being driven by the skills and expertise of their employees.

Reskilling is a vital part of today’s workplace for anyone, and it’s especially helpful for companies looking to invest in their future.

Larissa Chaikowsky, Head of Talent Reskilling Acceleration, BMO Financial Group

“It’s important to point out that companies and society benefit from the reskilling and upskilling of talent. A strengthened, skilled workforce will increase productivity, innovation, and economic growth,” said Larissa Chaikowsky, Head of Talent Reskilling Acceleration, BMO Financial Group.

“Numerous companies, including BMO, are investing in their people by helping them learn, stretch, and grow while keeping pace with changing customer needs and wants. Companies that invest in their employees’ training and development are more likely to retain their best talent and stay competitive in the marketplace. Reskilling is a differentiator; companies need a robust strategy to maintain a competitive edge.”

According to a study by the World Economic Forum, 50 per cent of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, and 40 per cent of current workers need to change their core skills today. The International Monetary Fund also predicted that by 2030, the world will be short 80 million tech and digital workers.

Looking to the future, some of the top skills and careers include cloud engineering, data analysis, and digital marketing in industries ranging from finance, and healthcare, to marketing, and education.

BMO’s strategy to meet those needs includes an investment of $60 million per year in learning, with accelerated reskilling for employees. To date over 750 of BMO’s senior leaders have completed leading digital first foundations that focus on the core concepts of digital first, aiming to evolve customer experiences quickly and efficiently.

Considering the always competitive business landscape, and every company’s focus on diverse talent, it’s a vital time for companies to think about the future, including their employee’s skills.

With the opportunity for online learning to provide a range of courses and programs for people, it’s incredibly easy today for companies to leverage reskilling that can fit any pace.

Visit BMO Careers for more information on the company’s innovative technology job opportunities.

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