Bluetti EB55 portable power station review | On-the-go charging and versatility

by W. Andrew Powell
Bluetti EB55

The Bluetti EB55 portable power station is a solid solution for anyone who needs on-the-go charging that’s easy and well-priced. Plus, it’s a great emergency power option in a pinch.

With a total of 12 ports, plus a wireless charging pad, the Bluetti EB55 is versatile and well made, and it delivers 700W of AC power with a pure sine wave inverter, and 537Wh.

The power station weighs 16 lbs, and it’s the perfect size to fit in your car alongside your camping, cottage, and travel gear. And if you need a lot of power, they’re also stackable with a helpful handle to carry it where it’s needed.

The Bluetti EB55 is $499 in the U.S. and $699 in Canada, but it’s on sale right now for $599 CAD.

Bluetti EB55 ports and power usage

Bluetti EB55 portable power station

The Bluetti EB55 has a really robust range of outputs, so you can really use it for everything you need.

On the front of the power station there are four 5V/3A USB ports, a 100W USB-C port, four AC outlets, two 12V/10A DC ports, and a DC regulated 12V/10A car port. At one point I had six things plugged in, and it worked very well.

The display on the front of the power station shows both the input and output wattage, and the remaining battery charge, so you can keep track of how much power you’re using. That makes it easy to plan out your power usage, and you can also turn each set of plugs on or off, so you can keep everything plugged in, but only power what you need at any given time.

The wireless charging mat also works well, giving you an easy way to charge an additional device if all the ports are in use at up to 15W, and it works very well for wireless earbuds and watches.

While the display does time out after a few seconds, you can wake it up by pressing one of the power buttons.

On the back of the device, there’s also a helpful light that only uses 3W, or 6W on high, and it offers a flashing emergency setting. Pressing the button on the light once is for low, twice for high, a third time for emergency flash, and pressing it again turns it off.

The power station also has a fan, to keep the system cooler while it’s running at higher capacity. Unless it’s very hot otherwise, the fan generally doesn’t run when you’re just charging or using smaller devices.

Recharging and lifespan

Bluetti EB55 portable power station

There are a number of options for recharging the Bluetti EB55, depending on where you are and what you have access to.

If you have access to a regular power outlet, the power station recharges to 100% in 3 hours.

If you’re on the road, camping, or somewhere with a fair bit of sunshine, the power station can charge using a solar panel, like Bluetti’s PV120.

Charging time from a 200W solar panel will take around 3 hours, while car charging can take between 3.4 to a little over 6 hours, again depending on the output of your power port and sun levels.

For the fastest charging, you can use a solar panel in addition to a regular power outlet and it will reach 100% in 1.8 to 2.3 hours, according to Bluetti, and depending on the sun and your solar panel.

Also, while it’s not recommended for the battery life, the power station can charge devices while it’s charging, so you don’t have to wait to power up your devices.

Bluetti has rated the EB55 to last more than 2,500 charges with 80% capacity, so it will provide thousands of uses.

Final thoughts

The Bluetti EB55 power station was easy to use, and it has an impressive number of ports and charging options. I also appreciate the handy light, the charging pad, and the dimensions and weight. I’m already planning to bring it on a few trips this summer.

The charging speed is also good, and I think road trippers and campers will find it useful, especially combined with a solar panel so it’s chargeable off the grid.

In an emergency, without power at home, it would also be an excellent addition that could power devices or even a small appliance. If you’re looking for a portable power option, it’s definitely easy and it’s also greener and cleaner than a gas

Visit their website for more on Bluetti and their power systems.

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