‘Bachelor Canada’ – After the final rose recap

by Jessica Napier
Bianka and Brad

Brad Smith loves Bianka Kamber, and she loves him, and last night we got to catch up with the newly minted couple in a special episode of The Bachelor Canada – “After the Final Rose”.

Of course the question on everyone’s mind is: Are they still together now that the show is over? Well, we all know the answer to that because (duuuuh) we’ve been following along with their mushy Twitter love all week, not to mention my interview with them last week.

Host Tyler Harcott brings out our Bachelor to get the scoop and we learn that, yes, they are still together (gasp!) and couldn’t be happier. In fact, Brad even threatens to pull a Tom Cruise and jump on the couch to share his love. He admits that finding his future wife on a television show seemed crazy but that against all odds, he fell in love.

So how did he know that Bianka was the one? “The relationship grew in a real, organic way,” he says. Or as “real” as a televised courtship funded by a production company can be, I guess.

After the audience “awws” over Brad’s earnest devotion to his new bride, Tyler shoos him backstage and introduces Whitney who is, not so much the one that got away, but rather, the one that ran away.

The scorned Bachelorette reluctantly comes on stage in a contractually obligated way that suggests she’d rather be swimming in pool full of sharks than facing the Bachelor Canada crew again. She tells us her experience after the show has been challenging; people have started to recognize her and while they might be civil to her face, the online commenters can be quite nasty (hi Whit, sorrrrry). She mentions that these digital trolls have been bashing her eyebrows and the vein in her head, which seems superficial considering there’s so much about her personality one could poke fun at.

Whitney grimaces uncomfortably during a montage of romantic moments between her and Brad. She tells Tyler that she didn’t feel 100% confident that he was the guy she wanted to marry and that she started questioning their relationship during the date in Penticton (which to remind you was only week four).

Tyler’s wants to know why she didn’t share her feelings and she says she couldn’t handle the pressure to speak her mind. She also blames her indecisiveness; apparently she has a hard time choosing what to eat so naturally, deciding on whether or not someone is husband material is going to be a challenge.

Despite all of the drama and negative feedback after the show, Whitney says that she doesn’t regret coming on The Bachelor. Even though it all came crashing down, she learned a lot about herself.

Tyler begins to run out of words to describe their “explosive,” “emotional,” and “shocking” breakup so he invites Brad to the stage. The two hug like robots and Brad looks to the audience with wide-eyes that suggest he’s holding in a very nervous “Yiiiiiiikes.”

He tells us that going through a breakup on national TV and then sitting down in front of a bunch of people to talk about it seems like his biggest nightmare come true. We’re so glad you invited us Brad!

Tyler describes the failed romance as “one of the most intense relationships we’ve ever witnessed,” which isn’t that bold a claim since this is the first season of The Bachelor Canada but I won’t argue it was quite a doozy.

Naturally, awkwardness abounds when the former couple reunites for the first time. Brad, who doesn’t seem like someone who got dumped but rather someone who’s quite concerned about Whitney’s mental health, asks her if she was acting the whole time.

Rambling Whitney responds in broken, unfinished sentences and gives a lot of strange non-answer to his question about “changing feelings” and “her relationship mentality” and HUH?

Brad’s suitably confused and tells us he feels like an idiot after looking back at how Whitney came across on the show. Whitney defends herself by saying that maybe it was just Brad’s fault for keeping her in the running rather than sending her home. Brad then interrupts her with a “listen kiddo” and the audience ooooooooohs because this is probably the meanest thing Brad has ever said.
Whitney continues on, speaking as if she’s reading from a script with missing pages and it becomes quite clear that we’re not going to get any real answers from her about what on earth she’s thinking. Brad ends the segment by imploring Whitney to evaluate her life goals and fix the disconnect between her head and her heart.

Next up, Tyler introduces his “very technically advanced tablet” (oh gee whiz, Grandpa) and fires off some viewer questions for Brad.

To sum up: Brad likes to see the women sweat when handing out roses and Brad had a hard time kissing in front of the camera.

Oh and now for the lightening round: Brad’s full name is Bradley Charles Smith; his Queens football jersey is his most valued possession; he thinks the most important part of a woman is her teeth and eyes (really, teeth?); Brad’s Sylvester Stallone impression simply sounds like a drunk Brad; he wears deep-Vs because they show off his chest tattoo; doesn’t believe in love and first sight; bites his nails; hates picky eaters; thinks Bianka is the best smelling and smartest Bachelorette but Ana is the funniest; favourite one-on-one date was Paris; wears “as much as he can” to bed (what does that mean?); wants Bianka to have as many kids as possible (might need to take off some of those extraneous PJs then, Brad); first thing he’ll do with Binaka in public is smooch; favourite bachelor host is Chris Harrison (obviously he’s kidding but like, not really); takes him five minutes to do his hair.

Aaaaaand we’re back.

Next up, in what is quickly becoming my favourite part about The Bachelor Canada, another funny gag real with Brad running his fingers through his hair over and over and over again. Apparently that signature coif requires a lot of attention. T-minus two hours until Brad signs a contract to star in an upcoming Pantene commercial.

Brad tells us he’s won the lottery with Bianka and now it’s time for the couple to reunite for the first time in public. His fiancée arrives on stage and the two of them immediately need a Kleenex (Tyler’s obviously prepared with one for the couple to share). They tell us it has been tough being away from each other–she had to wait five months until she could start grabbing his thigh in front of other people! I’d like to point out here that overly aggressive thigh grabbing in public isn’t the best idea for anyone, reality show contestants or otherwise.

Bianka tells us it was hard to keep their relationship a secret but couldn’t tell anybody because she “wanted them to share in the experience.” Oh and I’m sure that pesky little non-disclosure agreement had something to do with it.

We’re then treated to a split screen of happy-tears as the misty-eyed couple watch the proposal for the first time. Tyler’s bold enough to make the claim that he speaks for all of Canada when he says “we could not be happier for the happy couple.” He’s maybe being just a bit grandiose in that declaration of nation-wide Bachelor fandom, but I’m sure Brad’s mom and a few really happy viewers out there are just over the moon about all of this.

So, are there wedding bells in the near future? Brad reveals that the couple almost eloped but held off, and yes, they are going to get married and it’s going to be as soon as possible. Presumably it’ll be a Made-for-TV affair and we’ll all be tuning in.

But for now, it’s all over; sadly, we’ll have to go back to filling our Wednesday nights with meaningful activities.

After the Final Rose photo gallery:

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