Bianka Kamber and Brad Smith

Brad Smith and Bianka Kamber talk ‘Bachelor Canada’ after the final rose

After two drama-filled months of rose ceremonies and romantic helicopter rides, Canada's first Bachelor has finally found "the one" on The Bachelor Canada. With tears of joy streaming down his face, Brad Smith proposed to Bianka Kamber, a 28-year-old nurse from Mississauga, Ontario, on an island paradise almost six months ago. Now that the secret's out, the happy couple sat down with The GATE on their first official day as a "real" couple to talk about finding love in front of the camera and their plans for the future.
Ana, Bianka, and Gabrielle with children from a local orphanage

‘Bachelor Canada’ episode three recap: cowboys and lumberjacks

It's week three for The Bachelor Canada and 12 girls remain in the running to become Bachelor Brad’s bride-to-be (maybe). Last night's episode opened with the girls casually posing on an assortment of patio furniture to await the arrival of poor man's Chris Harrison host Tyler Harcott. Tyler lets the ladies know that there will be two group dates this week--a six-on-one and a five-on-one--as well as the coveted one-on-one date.
Bachelor Brad Smith and his Bachelorettes

‘Bachelor Canada’ episode two recap: the race is on

This week on The Bachelor Canada, Bachelor Brad Smith's remaining sixteen suitors move into the mansion, a multilevel sorority house from hell with single beds. Everything is all high fives and giggles as the girls enthusiastically pick through their gift baskets full of drug store essentials from the show's sponsors--hey someone's gotta pay for this, right?
Canadian Bachelor Brad Smith and the Bachelorettes

‘Bachelor Canada’ episode one recap: open season on love

Since 2002, Canadians have watched our American neighbours find, and lose, love on reality TV. Finally, The Bachelor's roses are blooming on this side of the border. Last night's hotly anticipated series debut for The Bachelor Canada saw 25 shiny-haired hopefuls arrive by limo to compete for the heart of our own square-jawed, all-Canadian Bachelor.