‘The Hills’ return for more drama and feuds

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By: Brooke Hunter

Several months have passed since I last got to sit with my good friends Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port.

I’ve missed them over the summer, but thanks to MTV they will once again join me in my living room every Monday night at 10:00 PM (ET) for a third season of The Hills. As a die-hard Laguna Beach fan, and a proud owner of a “Team LC” t-shirt, I have been addicted to The Hills since it first aired nearly two years ago.

Coming in to a new season there are so many questions I want answered! What about Heidi’s new implants? Did Lauren and former flame Jason really make a sex tape? Is Spencer Pratt going to turn out to be the dog Lauren and I always knew he was? When will I be able to buy clothes designed by my BFF LC? Seriously, is Heidi really going to release a record?

After seeing the first 20 minutes of the hour-long premier that will air on MTV Monday, August 13 I have to say I was a little disappointed… in having to wait till Monday to see the next 30 minutes!

MTV I bow down to your impeccable editing. The first 20 minutes left me reeling, and while only one of my big questions got answered I was more than satisfied when my screen went black.

From the opening of Heidi in her new apartment with sleazeball boyfriend Spencer Pratt, to the closing of a screaming match outside LA hot spot Les Deux, MTV manages to pack all the good stuff in.

As I wait impatiently for the full episode to air on Monday I have been thinking about what might happen this season:

Heidi, despite all my hopes, will not only get engaged to Spencer (common knowledge) but will wind up even more plastic-looking than her fake boobs and new nose already make her look. I also think that she will manage to outdo Jen Bunny on the skank-meter and win the number one spot on the people I hate list.

Lauren will debate between both of her former bad boyfriends, Jason Whaller and Brody Jenner, and wind up with a cute and normal guy but then blow it all to hook up with Brody again. She will realize that Heidi has been using her since they first met back on Season two of Laguna Beach and finally cut ties with the attention-whore once and for all.

Whitney will be less mouse-like and finally look like she is having fun and enjoying life beyond Teen Vogue. I would be thrilled if she not only starts dating a cute boy, but a cute boy who gets some camera time.

Audrina will continue to be the quirky cutie who has grown on me over the past two years. This season she will really solidify her spot as Lauren’s new BFF and finally quit her random dating, or at least make the dates a little less awkward.

Rumour is that we will also get treated to some cameo appearances by former Laguna Beach star Lo Bosworth.

I can hardly wait! Lauren, buddy, I’ll see you on Monday!

The Hills season 3 airs at 10:00 PM (ET) on MTV Monday, August 13, 2007.

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