This week I’m feeling a little random, but I had to pass on a few wedding tidbits that amused me, and might interest a few of the other grooms-to-be out there. The funny thing is though, these tidbits come back to the same idea of personalizing your wedding, and while that may be a no-brainer, I don’t think everyone realizes all the quirky things you can do on your wedding day.

For one thing, there’s the cake and desserts. Aisha and I are planning on a few small treats, but I’m foregoing the “groom’s cake” to save a little money. That said, if I did get a groom’s cake, this is what I’d want:

Xbox 360 Wedding Cake

Xbox 360 Wedding Cake

(From Jason & Carrie’s wedding, photo courtesy of dixiepixel photography from Oak Ridge, TN.)

Plus, while the cost can be a bit steeper than basic cake toppers, Aisha and I are looking at some custom ideas, and I won’t lie, since we’re having a movie theme at our wedding, this kind of rocks, if you ask me…

Army of Darkness wedding cake topper

Army of Darkness wedding cake topper

(You can order custom wedding cake toppers made to match you over at Younique Boutique.)

Finally, the other fun thing I stumbled across this week, which is a bit of a permanent thing you can do, is this tattoo I saw on Tumblr. The tattoos are actually shared between friends, but I have to admit, this is the kind of idea I’d definitely go for, but I suspect it won’t work for Aisha (although I’d do it in a second).

1 Player - 2 Player

1 Player - 2 Player

(In case you’re wondering, it’s an arcade/gaming reference. It basically just means 1 Player and 2 Player.)

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  1. Carla,Jason's Mother

    What fun to see Carris and Jason’s cake on a site! Guess the “game’s over” for Jason!