Wedding photos at the ROM

by W. Andrew Powell
In front of the ROM

In front of the ROM

In front of the ROM

Call me lucky, but I am one of those guys who happens to have a lot in common with his wife. Planning our wedding day–together, I might remind you–we very rarely had differing opinions on what we wanted to do, and that included the need to stop and get a few photos at the Royal Ontario Museum.

Aisha and I have had a long relationship with the ROM. We’re both history and science geeks, and we’ve had more than a few dates in the ROM too, so when we were looking for places for our wedding day photos, the museum seemed like a no-brainer. Not only did it offer gleaming glass on one side, for a very modern look, but the building also has the beautiful classic stone exterior on the original east-facing side.

We even debated about going inside for a few photos at one point, but since time wouldn’t permit, that didn’t work out (and I’m not really sure what their policy would be on this idea).

So, since these photos were some of my favorite, despite the fact that I normally prefer to be behind the camera, I thought I would at least share these three photos from the walk around the building. And, while Aisha and I certainly can’t agree on everything, it seems like we agree on the important things, like loving dinosaurs and the bat cave.

Aisha and Andrew

Wedding photos at the ROM

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