Blogging the 2008 Juno Awards – Part 1

by W. Andrew Powell

Avril Lavigne - 2008 JunosHere we go – another Juno Awards (this year in Calgary, Alberta), and another rant about why they suck. I really want to like them, but I’m sorry – why are they so awful? I’m probably not going to blog every minute of them this year, but I’ll have a few updates on how they go…

Making a red carpet interesting is apparently, no easy task, especially when you’re eTalk. I have been watching CTV/eTalk try and make the Juno red carpet interesting for the last 6 or 7 years, and they have failed with spectacular abandon every time. The hosts suck (although Ben Mulroney brings new meaning to the word suckage), the stars seem unsure what they’re supposed to be doing, and there is an ever-present monotony to every moment.

Sad, but true. I just can’t sit through the whole hour of blather.

8:00 PM – Every year I have a lot of hope for a good show, and the opening song says a lot about what you can expect, so it seemed pretty sad when they opened with the slooooooooow “Alberta Bound” by Paul Brandt and joined by Johnny Reid, and Shane Yellowbird. Is it a good song? Maybe, but a slow song does not lend itself to an exciting show.

8:05 PMRussell Peters takes the stage with a pile of empty oil drums. A few good jokes, interspersed with some blather, but he gets his butt out to say hi to folks and well, he still kinda sucks. Juno jokes abound, as do Peters’ usual self-deprecating asides.

8:10 PM – Oh boy, more blather from two people reading a teleprompter. But Single of the Year seems like a cinch for Feist… and sure enough, she wins. (And by the way, Alberta be damned, “1234” was the song that should have opened the night.) She gets a minute to thank folks before the orchestra plays her off.

8:16 PM – Peters introduces Avril Lavigne with some creepy comments about having a crush on her, and then Avril plays through a half-hearted “Girlfriend”. Ouch. The boredom continues. If you saw Avril at last year’s MuchMusic Video Awards you probably enjoyed a much better performance… and isn’t that song like ancient now?

8:23 PM – Paul Brandt picks up a Juno for Country Recording of the Year and thanks God, and a bunch of industry folks. Well, thank goodness someone thanked God, I was worried He wasn’t pleased with the Canadian music scene or something.

… more to come.

Avril Lavigne photo from the red carpet courtesy of CARAS/

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mike April 7, 2008 - 11:32 pm

Was it just me or did i miss the tribute to JEFF HEALY????????????????

sonny April 8, 2008 - 2:59 pm

hey mike, the ‘tribute’ to Jeff Healey was nothing more than a solemn reminder by the Blue Rodeo boys just before they presented an award near the end of the show. There was no other mention of JH in the show.

Fairly accurate summation, GK. You noted that Avril’s bit was half-hearted, but think it through: she’d JUST been beaten out by Feist for single of the year, so she was sleepwalking through the song cuz she was PISSED!

As for Feist, her song was such a highlight it didn’t really belong in the rest of the show – it was like suddenly having The Beatles do a song in the middle of your high-school talent show.

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