CNE 2012: Opening weekend photos

by W. Andrew Powell
CNE Midway

Friday was the first day of the 2012 Canadian National Exhibition, kicking off the event’s 133rd year entertaining Toronto, and, of course, I had to stop by over the weekend with Aisha to take in a few of the sights.

Every year the CNE is a big part of our summer routine, and we make a point of going to check out the rides, exhibits, midway, food, and the shopping as often as we can make it. It’s a tradition for us, and it rarely disappoints, even if we can only attend a fraction of what goes on at the CNE.

As much as The Ex is dependable each year, with a lot of the reliable things that keep us coming back, there are always lots of additions that will also keep fans of the CNE coming back from now until September 3 when the CNE closes its doors for another year.

Out of all the additions this year, one of my favorites has to be the new CNE Sky Ride, which is a permanent attraction for the Ex that costs 4 tickets (I believe that is what the sign said), and should bring back memories for anyone who remembers the old Alpine Way ride that ran until the early nineties. There’s also a new roller coaster called Nitro, and a zip line that has been added to the midway.

Mostly though, the reason I think the CNE is a fun, family-friendly event that makes me happy to be a Torontonian is because the event brings the spirit of the age-old fair grounds to life in this city–for a little while at least–and Toronto can always use another excuse to get out and let its hair down. As much as I love all of the festivals and events that take over the city each year, there’s something to be said for an event that lacks any of the pretension we see elsewhere, and among its better traits, I can certainly say that the CNE is wonderfully modest even though it’s actually a huge event.

Stay tuned for news and other updates from the CNE, but for now, here’s a small gallery of pictures from the opening weekend of the Ex.

Photo Gallery:

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