Bridgit Mendler versus Miley Cyrus: “Hurricane In the U.S.A.” [Mashup]

Bridgit Mendler and Miley Cyrus

Okay, Earlvin Jules Soco, you win. This is pure genius.

Earlvin on Soundcloud made the leap and mashed up two songs that go together like peanut butter and jelly. The 17-year-old Soundcloud user took Bridgit Mendler’s addictive “Hurricane” and mixed it in with Miley Cyrus’ “Party In the U.S.A.” If you didn’t hear the similarities before, you no doubt will recognize it now. The mashup even bridges some of the lyrics to the point that they even make sense as one song.

I’ve been addicted to the Mendler’s “Hurricane” since I first heard it a couple of weeks ago, and even my wife pointed out how much it sounded like “Party In the U.S.A.”, but they go together so well it’s my new favorite mashup this month. And I’m probably not alone since the song has tallied up over 23,000 listens on Soundcloud.

Listen to the “Hurricane In the U.S.A.” mashup and then tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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