by W. Andrew Powell
Keep Calm It's A Girl

Few things in life are certain, but I will say this: surprises are a lot of fun.

This week’s surprise is a doozy, but it’s also a sweet one. After thinking for a few months that we were going to have a baby boy when my wife gives birth (any day now), we just found out today that our little baby will in fact be a girl!

Lots of parents go through the same thing–I’ve heard it a lot over the last few weeks–but that doesn’t make it any less surprising. We’ve been preparing for a boy since one sonogram technician–at the 20-week mark–said that she thought the baby was going to be a boy, but a few weeks ago, another technician told us that she thought it might be a girl, and then today we finally found out for sure.

That may necessitate a few clothing returns, since we seem to have a lot of blue, but we also have been aiming for a few more neutral colours recently, so our little one won’t be stuck with a one-tone wardrobe.

As for my last post, I’m still looking forward to seeing if my little girl will want to be my video game buddy, or–as a friend of mine mentioned–if maybe she will end up programming them.

Whatever she chooses, I’m going to be proud of her.

P.S. Did I mention that I thought it was going to be a girl when we first found out my wife was pregnant?

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