Introducing my little star

by W. Andrew Powell

It’s official. This guy is a dad! You may have noticed that The GATE was a little quiet over the last week, but I was just a little too busy with my new born little girl to make time for entertainment and everything else online.

She was born last week, and between the time at the hospital in delivery, getting home and settling in, and showing off our little Star for our friends and family, I had to take a little vacation from The GATE to focus on being a good dad.

After waiting for so many months, life is kind of surreal now, but Aisha and I are living in a beautiful daze–since we’re running a little short on sleep, that makes sense for at least two reasons–and it’s amazing figuring everything out. Some of it is easier than I expected, but a lot of it is also harder, and we’ve barely just begun, but every day is kind of a new adventure, and teaches us something new.

Since I love taking photos, and so does her uncle, she has been a little starlet from birth, and we’ve probably shot 1000 photos in just a few days. By the time she’s even a year old, I suspect I’m going to need a new hard drive just for all of the photos and videos. So far, she’s also the best model I’ve ever worked with, but I guess I’m kind of biased.

As I figure things out, this little portion of The GATE will be filled with any stories about Star that I can share, which hopefully you will find entertaining, and otherwise The GATE will slowly be returning to normal over the next week or two, so bear with me since August and then September are filled with some of my favorite events of the year, including the Toronto International Film Festival.

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