Bruce Campbell interview, and other TIFF plans

by W. Andrew Powell

I had the interview with Bruce Campbell this morning and all I can say is… wow. He’s such a great guy to interview and it’s almost impossible to ask something that he can’t answer. I got video, photos and even some time with the director of Bubba Ho-Tep, Don Coscarelli, who was also great to chat with.

As an update to my previous news that I was going to interview stars from the film Welcome to Collinwood… well, you can forget that since I neglected to think about the fact that my interview with Bruce Campbell was at the exact same time…

Anyway… after that, I caught a press conference with Salma Hayek, who’s in a film called Frida, and then I ran to catch Auto Focus which stars Greg Kinnear (who I happened to see along Yorkville just before the Frida press conference). Thing was, Auto Focus was a dog of a film. It told the story of the guy who played Hogan in the TV show Hogan’s Heroes, who ends up being murdered without anyone ever finding out who really did it or why. Interesting subject in a lot of ways, but it just wasn’t presented very well.

Now, I’m out the door again for a bit of a breather. But, I’ll be back tomorrow with all those pictures I’ve been promising, and some more reviews.

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