Art in the digital world: “Random V” a ‘GTA V’ timelapse

by W. Andrew Powell
GTA V - Timelapse

Some people might still scoff at the idea–although I can’t understand why–but some of the most amazing, realistic art is coming out of the realm of video games, and this artistically-minded video, “Random V” from DespicableChannel arrives from one of the unlikeliest of sources: Grand Theft Auto V.

Video games certainly have a bad reputation as a waste of time, and worse, and few titles have been scorned as much as the GTA franchise, but for anyone who played GTA IV, it’s easy to praise the creators, Rockstar Games, for capturing elements of the real world so well. This time out though, they have taken their art to new levels that show beauty in the every-day.

In this timelapse video from GTA V, you get a sample of what happens in the background of this living world when the bullets aren’t flying, and cars aren’t spinning out of control across the freeway. Clouds play through the sky, the sun twinkles off the windows of skyscrapers, and shadows creep across the ground as the day breezes by in a blur.

Of course timelapses in video games are nothing new, but this one just happens to be one of the more elegant modern examples we’ve seen in a while, and for bonus points, it’s set in the modern world. If something a little more medieval is your style, try these two The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim videos: Skyrim Timelapse by Thomas Harris and Skyrim Timelapse by mdhumpify. Just be sure to watch them in HD for the best results.

Music for the video was provided by Exist Strategy.

Update: For a slightly different take on GTA V, check out this timelapse from Machinima: GTA V – World in Motion.

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