The one and only pizza-making vending machine

by W. Andrew Powell
Pizza vending machine

My last travel piece about Sorrento was filled with details about why I loved this beautiful town along the coast of Italy. There was one other reason why I loved the town though, and it all came down to a magical vending machine that made pizzas.

Yes, it’s a pizza vending machine (called “Let’s Pizza”), and it makes them from scratch. For 3 euros, this machine mixes up dough from scratch, covers it in pizza sauce and cheese, and then bakes it–all in less than 2-and-a-half minutes.

Are you not impressed?

In all my travels, I have never seen anything like it. My wife and I stumbled on it one day at the Sorrento bus station (hopefully, it’s still there so you can find it if you make it there), and while it’s silly and not exactly the best pizza you’ll ever eat, it’s still amazing, and kind of fun. As something to discover while you’re travelling, it’s also the kind of thing you can’t help but giggle about.

If you want to show your kids the most amazing thing in Sorrento, I bet the thing they’ll keep talking about afterwards is this fun machine. If you’re feeling daring, you can even get meat on your pizza, although I can’t help but wonder how a machine like this stores meat, but that question is probably best left unanswered.

As a lot of people have asked though since I uploaded it on YouTube over a year ago, why haven’t we seen any of these pizza machines in Canada or the United States? I know I’ve never seen one in Toronto. Considering Italy is the land of pizza, it seems to make sense for there to be a pizza vending machine there, but it’s also kind of “sacrilicious” (if you will) too.

What do you think of the weird and wonderful machine? Since Sorrento is already worth seeing on its own, if you get the opportunity, I’d recommend checking it out.

If you’re looking for the bus station, you can find it here on Google Maps, and the machine was at the corner of the station.

Update: According to Pizza Marketplace (yes, that’s a thing), the machine is already coming to America. Now I just wonder when we might see the vending machines in Canada.

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