A big first visit with the little one at the CNE

by W. Andrew Powell
At the CNE

This year I may not get to visit the Canadian National Exhibition as often as usual, but I’ve got a pretty good reason. My daughter was born just three weeks ago, and because my wife and I are kind of CNE fanatics, we decided we at least needed to make one trip with our little one to show her the sights and to have some food building treats.

Of course, we were a bit nervous that Star (that’s the nickname that I’m using for her on the blog) would have a hard time with all the noise, and all of the people, but apparently we didn’t need to worry since she didn’t even seem to notice all that much. She was happy and content in her stroller, so we made our rounds to most of the major buildings with our family in tow, took a few photos, and enjoyed one of our first major outings with Star.

Since I’m so distracted by my girl, you’ll have to excuse the lack of images and stories from The Ex, but you can find full details about the CNE on their website at theex.com.

Otherwise, I’ll try to post adventures of raising our little girl over the coming months.

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