Reactions to the 2015 Oscar nominations

by W. Andrew Powell
87th Academy Awards Nominations

Once a year, the world–and especially the United States and Canada–join together to partake in the Oscar nominations: an event like few others that inspires a chorus of cheers, jeers, and sneers, from all manner of film fans.

The Academy Award nominations are, in fact, one of those rare annual events that can be depended upon to rouse up film lovers to make it known just how they feel about the films that were nominated, or should have been nominated. Plus, nominees, friends of nominees, would-have-been or should-have-been nominees, and friends of those might-have-been nominees spend a lot of time talking about the Oscars too.

For those of us who really follow and love film, the Oscars are always an opportunity to sing the praises of our favorites, whether they were recognized or not. The word snub, often seems to come up as often as the word nominee, right about now.

With that in mind, here are a few of the biggest or most interesting reactions from today’s Oscar nominations, courtesy of Twitter and Tumblr. In the days leading up to the Oscars, I’m sure we can expect to see many, many more reactions.

The Lego Movie director Philip Lord responded to the snub…

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