Once upon a time in New Brunswick

by W. Andrew Powell
New Brunswick blueberry field

You may have noticed that it’s been a bit quiet around here. Not that long ago I was bustling my way through TIFF, but a day after it was over, I had to get myself to New Brunswick where I’ve been working ever since. It’s coming up on two weeks that I’ve been here, and the adventure continues for another week before I head back to Toronto.

Truth be told, it’s easy to fall in love with New Brunswick. I grew up here, so that may be part of it, but coming back–even when there’s a lot to do–feels like coming back home. I also get to spend some time with my parents, who I don’t get to see all that often.

The trouble is, it’s not all sunshine and roses right now. Not only do I miss my wife and little one, but I’m in New Brunswick because my parents sold their house and we’re now working to empty out the 200-year-old building which is packed with furniture and mementos.

It’s a bit like a walk through memory lane, but compressed to the point where it’s pretty painful, and after so many days I’m feeling sore from the work already.

After a long day of packing and moving things, it doesn’t help that I’ve also suffered from the big rural disadvantage: impossible internet access.

This area is a tough spot to get online, since there are no high speed internet lines coming into the community, so I end up using my cell phone as a wireless hub, but the catch there is that I actually need a cell phone signal, and those can be hard to find.

All that goes to explain that, for now at least, The GATE is going to be a bit quiet still for a few more days. My apologies to our readers, and our publicity friends, but it’s been an impossible twelve days so far, with eight more days to go. Once I can get online for a while, there will be a glut of stories coming your way.

My new trick though is using an app to find the best nearby cell phone signal, so I’m hoping to be online every day now until I head back. At the very least I’m chronicling parts of the adventure on my phone–the stunning Samsung Galaxy Note 5. You can see some of the photos I’ve been taking with it over on my personal Instagram account, @wanderpow.

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Pictured: A New Brunswick blueberry field near Springfield at the start of fall.

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