John Oliver

Canada, get out and vote!

by W. Andrew Powell

Today is the day, Canada. It’s one of the most important events in this country, and that’s because we all need to get out and vote. The election race has been long and tiring, and no matter what the polls say, nothing happens until you actually go and cast your vote.

So get out there and vote for one of the parties that stands for what you believe in, or support a candidate who is standing up for the important issues that you care about. Just go vote. That’s really all that matters.

And if you want one more primer to get you thinking about the top three federal candidates, here’s John Oliver to the rescue from last night’s episode of Last Week Tonight on HBO. I’m a huge, huge fan of John Oliver and Last Week Tonight, and this clip just proves why he’s one of the best factual comedians on television.

Watch the clip, have your say below, and then get out to your polls and vote, Canada! If you need more information about where to vote, how to vote, or anything else along those lines, head over to the official Elections Canada website.

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