Missed it by that much

by W. Andrew Powell

Imagine my surprise last night after I posted the enrty about Tom Cruise when, only a few minutes later, the PR person handling his visit contacted me about a possible interview opportunity today.

I have to admit that I was both incredulous and excited about the opportunity. If I thought the PR folks in Canada would consider a website for a big interview, I would have put in a request ages ago. But let me be honest here, Canadian film publicists seem to have very little interest in smaller websites. Or, at least not this one, so the interview offers aren’t exactly flying in for stars like Tom Cruise or, say, Britney Spears (who is coming to Toronto in March – hint, hint).

Tuesday afternoon I even had a chat with a Canadian film director about the fact that Canada just doesn’t seem to understand that the web is a huge resource for promotion. But, then again, we were talking about advertising dollars more than anything else.

Anyway, I appreciated the thought behind the offer, but the interview with Tom didn’t work out in the end. It was a bit of a tease, but I’m at least glad to see people are tuning into the blog, including my favorite people out there – the PR folks.

Otherwise, you’ll have to stay tuned. I’ve got some cool video and photo opportunities coming up. This week I also shot some video on set for an upcoming CTV series called The Listener, but you’ll have to wait for a launch date to be announced before I’ll be posting the goodies.

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