2017 with a bow on top

by W. Andrew Powell
Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Room | 2017

How did we get here? Is it really a few days until Christmas, and where did all of those 365 days go from 2017? Everyone asks these questions around this time of year, of course, and I wish I had better answers, but I’m also really proud of what The GATE has done in 2017. It was The GATE’s biggest year ever, with the most articles and posts, likes and shares, and I had some incredible adventures too.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be wrapping things up, putting the bow on 2017, sharing two of my “best of” lists for the year, and closing out all of the work I’ve done this year. There are so many things to talk about from the year, and so many things I want to still share and review, so stay tuned for all of that. I even still have a couple of articles to share before Christmas, and maybe a giveaway or two to end the year.

But all of this also made me think about how hard it was to make time to blog this year. Sometimes there is so much to do, it’s hard to find the time to talk about all of it, and that’s something I am changing in 2018. My first goal from now on is to blog, and blog often. Some days there may not be anything to share, and some days in 2018 I bet I’ll be blogging more than once in the day.

No matter what, I’ll be working hard on sharing these stories with anyone who wants to drop by for a story, an interview, news, video, or anything else we’re posting here. I love social media too, and I’m working on how I can best use them going forward, but my channels are primarily tools to spread the word about what I’m doing, and I always want The GATE itself to be the centre of that story.

Thank-you to everyone who has been following along with The GATE and with me this year, for everyone who has helped make the site what it is, and to everyone who read or shared anything we did. This year The GATE turned 17, and while that is also a big deal that I want to celebrate, I think there is still a lot of work to do. There’s still a lot to do. Even in the tumultuous landscape that is the media reality today, I know there’s room to do things no one else is doing, and do them our way, and in a way that is honest and hopefully grounded.

Just wait until you see what I have planned for 2018.

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