Welcome to the New Workforce

by W. Andrew Powell
Lenovo New Workforce Survival Kit

What do you need to be productive at work? Coffee sure gets me through the day. How does a Millennial start their day though? A lot of people might say avocado toast and memes.

We can drop that kind of stereotype though for a better understanding of Millennial culture, and how to work together.

To help me out, Lenovo sent over what they called the New Workforce Survival Kit, and it was part tongue-in-cheek introduction to Millennial culture, with suggestions for how to “move with a younger generation.”

Between Millennials and Gen Z, the new workforce is filled with passionate workers who are flexible and independent, as Lenovo themselves point out, and it’s not all that hard to work together. Part of the adjustment is definitely in the way of thinking about younger generations, more than following what they do, although I’m all for some of the new slang.

For the fun of it, Lenovo’s New Workforce Kit included an Avocado Saver, for storing that good, green cholesterol, a ThinkBook journal for taking notes (including emoji stickers to liven things up), a beverage bottle for green juices, Slang Flashcards for figuring out what Millennials are saying, and a phone pop socket.

To me, the kit is kind of a fun way of demystifying some of the most iconic things we see associated with Millennials and Gen Z.

Now, I’ll be honest, staying on top of social media means I’m moderately familiar with some slang, but there were a few surprises in the flashcards for sure. Anyone over the age of 30 who knows what “steez” means, without Googling it, frankly deserves a prize.

Lenovo launched their new ThinkBook 13s recently, and it’s made for any age group, with Dolby Vision HDR, up to 11 hours of battery life, a fingerprint reader, and Dolby Audio with two Harman speakers. The laptop is currently priced at $915.85 for the base model, and the good news is that it’s a great system whether you need to figure out how to work with a younger, or older, generation.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Back-To-Work & Back-To-School primer!

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