Cozey makes it easy buying a new couch online

by W. Andrew Powell
Cozey couch

Everything should be as easy as a Cozey couch.

Over the last year, a lot of things have become more complicated. Where I live in Ontario, the pandemic has shut down furniture stores, so I can’t browse for a new couch in person.

We’ve been getting by with an old, worn out couch that desperately needed to be replaced, and I’m frankly one buying cheaply made couches from the big box stores. They just never work out.

That’s exactly why Cozey has been such a relief. I love our new couch, it fits my family perfectly, it’s so comfortable, and it looks amazing.

Setting up our Cozey Corner couch took about 45 minutes, and that’s only because it was a large 4-seater. Half of that time was just getting the pieces out of the box, so it was really a breeze, and incredibly easy to put together.

I also loved that it was so easy getting our new Cozey couch into our house. And did I mention that they’re a Canadian company?

When I had to get our old couch out the door, it was a lot like that scene from Friends (“Pivot!”). It’s the part I hate about getting a new couch. When the Cozey couch arrived, I literally just carried the boxes in the door. No squeezing, shoving, or getting the right angle. Best of all, some day when we move, I’ll just disassemble the couch, and carry it out. No more fighting to get furniture through tight doorways.

For setup, the boxes say what piece is inside, so you can open them in order, place the pieces where they need to be for assembly, and then put the couch together.

Each seat has a back piece that easily slides into place, and then you put two seats beside each other, and they connect together along the back and bottom for a nice, tight fit. After that, there are toggles under the seats that lock the seats together, and then you screw the legs on, stand them upright, and put the cushions on.

That’s literally it. And you won’t believe how nicely everything fits together.

Putting together my Cozey Corner, the only difference from a regular couch is that you put two seats together with the corner, and then the other two seats on their own, and then join the pieces together in the middle using the toggles.

They legs even come with protective pads that you attach so they won’t scratch your floor.

Cozey couches come in five colours to suit any space: charcoal, dark grey, ivory, light grey, or navy blue. We got the dark grey, and it’s absolutely perfect next to our light brown walls, and dark furniture.

It’s also a really comfortable couch, with excellent fabric to last a long time, and it feels sturdy, with cushions that are perfectly between soft and firm.

Depending on your home, Cozey has a lot of different options, and since it’s all modular, you can buy pieces all at once, or separately. For instance, if you bought the couch, and then want the ottoman or you want to add the lounging chaise, it’s easy to order another piece.

Unlike every other couch out there, if a pet or your little one wrecks one of your cushions, you can also order replacements or new fabric off the Cozey website. And you can easily take all the cushions off the couch to clean them, unlike a lot of couches.

On top of everything else, Cozey provides all the dimensions on their website for all of their couch options, so you know the exact size of everything when you order.

Cozey also offers a 30-day free trial period, a one-year limited warranty on their products, and for every couch purchased they donate a comfort box to a homeless shelter that includes clothing, non-perishables, and hygiene products.

I couldn’t be happier with my new Cozey couch, and I’d highly recommend checking them out. You don’t need to go into a store hunting for a good couch any more, you don’t have to hope the big box retailer is going to have something that’s actually well made, and you can absolutely buy as many seats as you need, finally, not just what’s available.

Cozey covers all the reasons it’s time to shop for a couch differently.

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SD May 19, 2021 - 3:56 pm

What colour is the couch in the photos?

W. Andrew Powell May 19, 2021 - 7:37 pm

The couch is dark grey. It’s a wonderful colour.

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