‘Alan Wake’: The perfect bedtime story

by W. Andrew Powell

Alan Wake

Alan Wake

Okay, I’m feeling really jittery. I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t just finished playing hours of Alan Wake because I’m freakishly nervous and jumpy, waiting for someone to climb out of the shadows with an axe or something.

Damn good game though. Kind of like playing through an episode of The X-Files meets, I don’t know, Twin Peaks? It’s pretty much the perfect blend of action/mystery/shooter, and I love that it’s told episodically, like a TV show.

About the only thing that drives me nuts is how Mr. Wake somehow manages to lose his weapons and flashlight after every single freaking chapter. Makes the game nice and challenging, but enough already. Tape the damn flashlight to your arm or something.

If that were me, I’d have flares attached to my hat, flashlights on each arm, and I’d be hauling a generator behind me with a set of outfield lights attached.

We’ll see, maybe by the sixth or seventh chapter he’s found a way of making his sidekick agent helpful in some way?

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