Return of the Doctor

by W. Andrew Powell

Gotta say, it’s good to see the return of Doctor Who on CBC tonight, but I still stand behind what I said in the blog before – I hate the new guy (David Tennant) who took over for Christopher Eccleston. He’s moody enough for the part, and he’s a decent enough actor, but he’s just not interesting enough to own the role.

The show is still pretty interesting though. Incredible cheesy, but interesting. The problem is I didn’t realize how much I liked the show just because of Eccleston and Billie Piper (who plays Rose Tyler). Piper is still around of course, and as cute as ever, but she leaves at the end of this season, and she really doesn’t have the right chemistry with the new guy.

I also tried to watch Friends II, errr… The Class, but I’m still only mildly interested in it. The first episode was cool – but not stunning, you know?

I think I can say the same thing for a lot of the new shows, but I always find it takes some time for me to care about most shows. The exception to that rule was Dead Like Me, one of the few shows I still miss.

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