‘Children of Men’ a big, dark dream

by W. Andrew Powell

Finally got to see Children of Men over the weekend, and was really blown away. I had heard so many great things I was worried it would end up being some weak action film, but it’s amazing how intense it is, and smart, and freaking realistic.

Literally one of the best films I’ve seen in the last year, but I can imagine a lot of people who went to see it would hate it. The reason? It’s dressed up like an action movie (think Minority Report, without all the gadgets), but it’s got this intense social message, and it’s dark as all hell. The ending will also leave your average North-American cinema goer, who seem to need these neat-as-can-be endings, scratching their heads.

Clive Owen is amazing, but I was also really impressed with Claire-Hope Ashitey who plays Kee. And I can’t say enough for director Alfonso Cuarón, who really made the film feel so insanely real that you may walk away feeling oddly light for having escaped all the darkness.

Check out the trailer over at Apple.com.

[As a side note, and a bit of a warning, don’t see the film at the Cineplex Odeon – Queensway Cinema – in Toronto. Awful projection – the entire film was out of focus, and when I mentioned it to a manager as I left, they actually questioned if I could be correct. Don’t be a moron – check it before you question your customers. Of course, since there’s almost no competition in the country – where else would you go to see a movie but to a Cineplex/Empire/Famous Players?]

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1 comment

Rich March 7, 2007 - 6:59 pm

I was underwhelmed with this movie. I liked it to a point. Unfortunately as soon as I thought it was about to really get going it was over. I wanted it to unfold and become something much larger then it did.

The gamer geek in me loved the military likeness to the video game Battlefield 2142 though. It was as if the designers from the game used the exact same soldiers, weapons and vehicles! Snarf’! (“,)

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