Becoming the groom

by W. Andrew Powell

Tiffany & Co's Little Blue BoxLast September, while I was taking a much-needed vacation in Paris, France, something big happened in my life. My girlfriend Aisha and I had been looking forward to exploring one of the most romantic cities in the world, and I had made plans to propose to her while we toured the country.

Although it was a little tricky secretly finding a ring in Paris, and finding the right place to propose, I ultimately bought an engagement ring from the always dependable Tiffany & Co, and asked Aisha to marry me beside the Eiffel Tower as it started sparkling late one night.

Since then, we’ve started planning our wedding for later this year, and while we’re aiming for a smaller event with just a few close friends and family, what I find really amazing is how little there is out there for the grooms.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that traditionally weddings have been about a little girl’s dream for her big day, but things have changed a little bit over the years, and while I’m no modern day male prima donna, it’s kind of funny to me that the grooms-to-be of the world seem to be mostly an afterthought, unless you happen to sell suits and tuxes.

Looking at photographers, locations, and even food, and you’ll find an industry at large that is trying to get the attention of the all-important bride-to-be. It’s pretty natural, considering what is expected at a wedding, but I’ve decided to blog about my adventures as the groom and see where that takes me.

For her part, Aisha thinks it’s an awesome idea, and I’m pretty proud of the whole thing too. Grooms should enjoy their wedding day, and they need to have a part of the experience that is all theirs, so I’m here to write about that whole experience in case someone out there finds it interesting, or helps give them ideas too. My experience is likely to be completely different from other men, but it’s still exciting to think that I’ll have a kind of record of the next few months that might become valuable to someone else.

Wish us luck, and stay tuned for more.

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1 comment

Jeff Trinci February 2, 2011 - 11:57 pm

I agree with you Andrew! We need more information for the groom that makes him feel like he’s part of the team!! I’m excited to hear about your adventures as a groom. I encourage you to check out our helpful site just for grooms on your journey ( From proposal to honeymoon, all the information is written “to the point”… just for guys. Maybe you can even guest blog!

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