The Juno Telecast – Part 2

by W. Andrew Powell

We’re now 30 minutes into the 2007 Juno Awards and that’s when Nelly introduces her “aunt” (aka Nelly Furtado dressed up like an older woman) via video feed from Vancouver who “interviews” and makes out with Michael Bublé. I give huge credit to Michael for going through with the skit, but it isn’t exactly funny. Just seems kind of silly.

Nelly then calls for a commercial, looking just a bit like she might now be regretting the move to host the show. Although, it could be her successfully acting an emotion out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love that actual artists host the show, but no matter how big a star is, that doesn’t instantly make them a great host. Look at the Oscars, I mean, you’ll never see the top nominee of the year hosting the show – it would suck. The best hosts are, like Bob Hope always pointed out, the biggest loser who never stands a chance of winning an award.

Okay, maybe that’s extreme, but we just need a host who knows how to host a show. Shania Twain was a rare example of a great host who happens to be a talented Juno winner, but all the other greats have just been great personalities who knew how to keep people watching.

Anyway, back to the show. Sam Roberts introduces a kid (as part of a speech about the importance of music education) who plays “American Woman”, and the freaky part is, he’s probably one of the best performers of the night. He’s just alive and genuine – rocking through this classic tune.

Patrick Watson and his band are the next to perform, and I have to admit, I have no clue who they are. They end up being the most earnest performers of the night, sounding pretty great, at least until they degenerate into a rock-spectacle mess of sound at the end.

Billy Talent then take an award, but I honestly seem to have missed what it was for. That said, they’re an awesome band, so I can’t say I’m upset.

After a few ads we cut back to Nelly’s aunt making out in bed with Michael, and as they wrestle around we hear them doing a duet of “Quando, Quando, Quando”. Nelly then introduces the Tragically Hip who perform “Yer Not the Ocean”.

And yeah, I’m getting a little bit bored. Anyone else? I want to keep watching, but the noteworthy moments are pretty few and far between.

… more to follow.

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