More from the Juno Telecast – Part 3

by W. Andrew Powell

It’s now 8:00 PM in Toronto, and Tomi Swick was just named as the New Artist of the Year. Go Tomi! I just saw him perform as part of Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and he was really good. I kind of wanted Daniel Victor to win for Neverending White Lights, but I do think Tomi had a great year, and he’s definitely talented.

We then get treated to one big Nelly Furtado mash up as she performs part of “All Good Things”, “Say It Right” (featuring Saukrates, who I’d say was the highlight of the performance), and then she gracelessly cuts to “Man Eater”. I guess we have the show producers to thank for this hit session, but I can’t help but think Saukrates was the real star of this performance. Nelly was okay, but as with most of the performances tonight, she just sounded off.

Gord Downie then introduces legendary producer Bob Rock, we see a segment on who Bob Rock is and what he’s done for Canadian music, and he’s then officially inducted into the Juno Hall of Fame. It’s worth noting that he also gives a great acceptance speech, although he obviously had some time to prepare it.

At this point I’d love to show off video of Nelly’s opening segment, or show you photos from the show, but I’m still waiting for them to appear on the Juno Awards media site, so bear with me.

Nelly then reveals to us that she actually shot her own video to “Promiscuous”, which is of course another hokey parody, although I have to say, she definitely is a great sport for making fun of herself. Let’s face it – Nelly Furtado is one of the biggest stars in the world right now, so it’s pretty cool she’s doing the show… I just think they could have had her featured tonight and used a better host.

Hedley then introduce the nominees for Rock Album of the Year and it goes to, no surprise, Billy Talent. Way to go again guys! They very graciously acknowledge all of the other acts who they say they feel honoured to even be mentioned beside.

And finally, finally, finally we get the first kick-ass performance of the night. Dallas Green, singing “Coming Home” from his solo act City and Colour, then gives way to Alexisonfire (the band Dallas does most of his touring for) performing “This Could Be Anywhere In The World”. And the fans go nuts.

… one more post/rant to follow.

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