The Juno rant – Part 4

by W. Andrew Powell

It’s now 8:45 PM in Toronto and I’ve kind of lost track of the last 15 minutes, but when I come to my senses we’re treated to a lively performance by Gregory Charles who proves just what a natural he is on stage.

Then, don’t be surprised, Nelly Furtado is handed the last award of the night – which happens to be Album of the Year. No surprises there, but it is a bit annoying that we don’t seem to have any breaks from Nelly on stage.

DJ Champion and his wall of guitar players then perform their huge hit “No Heaven” and while I thought the vocals were a bit nasally, it was still a cool performance. Since the live telecast is really all about performances, more than it’s about awards, it’s great to see them close off the show. Nelly even gets up in her purple dress and dances the show out with the band, and I’m left trying to decide how I feel about this year’s Junos.

I can’t help but wish I’d made it to Saskatoon. From everything I heard it is a cool town, but as far as the telecast is concerned, I can’t help asking… what the heck was all that? There were no surprises, the performances were hardly inspiring, and maybe worst of all, the show just felt like a string of moments thrown together into a two-hour show. The pieces didn’t blend together, nothing stood out to wow me aside from Alexisonfire, and all I can remember is that Nelly and Billy Talent took home a few awards.

I love Canadian music, and I actually love what the Juno Awards stand for, but all I saw tonight was a pale shadow of what’s out there. I can accept all the winners, but I can’t accept that this is the best show CTV, CARAS and Insight Productions can put on. I’d even be willing to bet that the ratings will bear witness to that, but time will tell.

Anyway, that’s it for my Juno blog. Expect photos from the event in the next day, and some wrap-up coverage of tonight’s winners very soon. Whether you loved or hated the show (or my ranting blog posts), I’d also love to hear your thoughts on the show, so feel free to leave your comments.

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Saskboy April 2, 2007 - 10:07 am

Nelly Furtado was a pretty good M.C. The best part was her parody video for “Promiscu-mess” which I hope someone throws up onto YouTube. You’re right she was up on stage too much during the night though, to be M.C. too.

boredbyjunos April 2, 2007 - 5:41 pm

god, i thought nelly was an awful choice as host. you are absolutely right that there was WAY too much face time for nelly. i mean, really, are we THAT STARVED for talent in Canada that we have to give the hosting duties to the person who won 5 awards just to guarantee that she’ll show up and collect them??? she was NOT funny at all, those parodies and videos were like a pathetic high school play.

and why are they using two+ hours to only give out SEVEN AWARDS?? they gave out 32 THE NIGHT BEFORE?? Sorry, but I’d like to see more people actually receiving their awards, show a little more cross-section of the diverse TALENT that is out there in this country (rather than just have a token spot for some folkie act like Blackie & the Rodeo Kings as presenters) and a little LESS indulgence shown over 1 silly girl named nelly. she’s a BORE. so for anyone who ISN”T a nelly fan, the whole 2 hours was nothing but a WASTE and an ANNOYANCE.

billy talent was alright. and the bob rock induction was cool. but other than that, it was an EMBARRASSMENT to canadian music, i think.

JunoJunk April 2, 2007 - 11:40 pm

Not Runnin’ Back to Saskatoon (Anytime Soon)

This year’s Juno Awards were held in the Canadian cultural hotbed of Saskatoon, SK.

Even before the show, there was some controversy as to whether or not CTV would provide tape delay or live coverage. After getting some heat about the scheduled tape delay broadcast, CTV opted for a live showing. As it turned out, they should have pulled the plug entirely.

As usual, the telecast began with the Red Carpetbaggers filing into the arena and being interviewed by Canada’s version of Howdy Doody. You know the guy – he is the offspring of one of the two most despicable Prime Ministers Canada has ever had. Ironically, the other lousy Prime Minister is currently in office and is also a puppet himself.What is it with these politician guys? If they are not puppets, they breed puppets. But enough of that.

So after Howdy and his counterpart, Tanya Kim, were finished asking the same boring and redundant questions to a bunch of alleged musical talent, it was showtime. Unlike Howdy and to her credit, Tanya does an effective job on the red carpet. She is well dressed, composed, professional and has a likeable personality.

As expected, Junos 2007 quickly turned into a two hour Nelly Furtado commercial/love fest. Yeah, like we didn’t see enough of her during the endless promotional commercials leading up to the Junos. Actually, I kind of felt sorry and embarrassed for Nelly. I do not know why she agreed to jump through hoops and degrade herself during a couple of the show’s skits. At the end of the day, this just cheapens her credibility as an artist.

So who won awards on this fine night? Does anybody really care?

The highlight of the show has to go to k-os. While performing, he changed up on his lyrics singing, “this show is not me, this show is propaganda.” I beg to differ with that statement Mr. k-os! Even some forms of propoganda are entertaining.

With all due respect to The Guess Who, Junos 2007 was a perfect example of why The Junos should never again run back to Saskatoon.

-The End

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