Giveaway: Samsung A50 & AKG Y500 headphones

Samsung A50 & AKG Y500

Are you ready for an early present? The GATE and Samsung want to set you up with a new phone and a pair of excellent wireless headphones, just in time for the holidays.

The Samsung A50 and the AKG Y500 headphones pair beautifully this holiday season, and for a chance to win them, all you have to do is enter our giveaway below.

The Samsung A50 has a bright 6.4″ Infinity U-Display, a triple rear camera to get every shot from the right angle, and a very impressive, long-lasting, fast-charging battery to keep you going longer.

The AKG Y500 Wireless headphones are comfortable and sound brilliant. Available in black, blue, teal, and pink to match your style, they offer simple controls, they’re stylish and comfortable, with up to 33 hours of battery life to keep playing your music. A quick 5 minute charge also gives you another hour of music on the go.

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Enter our giveaway by visiting our YouTube video below and SUBSCRIBE, LIKE the video, and leave a COMMENT why you need this excellent early holiday gift.

Giveaway Details & Conditions: The GATE’s Samsung A50 & AKG Y500 giveaway is open to residents of Canada who are over the age of 16. The contest closes on Wednesday, December 11, 2019 at noon (ET). The chance of winning depends on total number of entries. The prize is valued at approximately $598 and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other form of credit. The prize may not be exactly as shown. The GATE reserves the right to substitute the prize for another of equal or greater value.


  1. I will like to have a head phone for the holidays. Because when some one call me at worki can talk with holding the phone to my ear.becausei do cleaning fir my job.thank you.

  2. Mom of 3 busy boys here. I need this AWESOME gift to keep up with appointments, activities and music time for this momma! Thanks!

  3. i need headphones that do NOT hurt my ears and i have yet to find any! the wireless headphones you are giving away is what i want and need for good sound and comfort! also a new smart updated cell phone would be so great for i am still using a 12 yr old flip phone! i need to move forward technologically to this modern age! it would be so much fun to win this great set and enjoy using them!

  4. I would love to win this Samsung A50 & AKG Y500 prize. I have to spend a lot of time away from home this year and this would allow me to have some quality ‘ME’ time – an awesome way to hang on to my sanity :)

  5. Thank you and thank you Samsung for the chance. My phone is cracked and 5 years old! This would be an amazing gift. And as a bonus I would gift the head phones to my husband because his are absolute junk.

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to win these two cool prizes. They both have long battery life and would make old phone and headphones obsolete. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

  7. I need this early Christmas holiday gift because I truly feel like I’ve been a good girl this year. HA! I’m just kidding, no I haven’t. However, I would absolutely LOVE a new phone and headset. I just got a cell phone mount for my new wheelchair…without a phone…for now. This is at the top of my wish list and would be totally AMAZING to win. Thanks for the chance!

  8. I rely on a Kyocera Rise smartphone, which although it served me well for many years, Android 4.0.4 is no longer officially supported by Google, so a Samsung Galaxy A50 would really make all sorts of communication easier for me

  9. I really need to win this because my son smashed my phone that I’m still using months ago ( it’s an iPhone has glass coming out so I put clear tape to let me still use it ) and the noise cancelling headphones would be nice as uses them often as loud sounds really bother him!! Happy I found your YouTube page ?????

  10. I so need this in my life!! I`ve been wanting a new pair of good headphones, and my sons phone just broke, so I would be the most wonderful mother to gift this to him haha :)
    Subscribed and liked on youtube as newfgirl12 ,thanks!

  11. Hey…its AKG. And…it would be one less cable to worry about and trip over. I use my headphones everyday…PC and phone. An early Merry Christmas to me. :)

  12. I would like this for my adult son, age 35, battling 4th stage colon/liver cancer. He needs a tv and headphones for when he comes home from his surgery Dec. 13th. I can’t work and I have a disability. love, his mom.

  13. I would love the excellent early Christmas gift because I have nothing nice. My kids destroy and take everything. This would be mine all mine. I would hide it so they won’t take it. Lol

  14. I NEED this gift because I’m due for a new phone, Samsung is always my phone of choice and I would love the headset so that I can listen to music and audiobooks in peace! Merry Christmas!!

  15. Like your video, subscribed! I need this because my headphones no longer work – only one ear works – and because I have a Windows phone, which is soon going to be no longer supported, and, anyway, it wasn’t the best choice for a phone to start with because there’s almost no apps for Windows phones. Thank you so much for the chance! PS My youtube name is travpoet. Thanks again! Cheers, Julia.

  16. I need this excellent early holiday gift because my flip phone is getting so old & frustrating. This would be a wish come true!

  17. My father has Parkinson’s disease and it would be good for him to have headphones to listen to music through the Samsung phone to stimulate himself as music is good therapy for Parkinsons. Thank you for your consideration.

  18. I absolutely NEED this phone because I NEED to get into the 21st century. I’ve never had a mobile thinking that I don’t really need one, but I look around me everywhere in this vast world and realize how much I’m missing out on without having one. Please allow me this win so I can get with the program with my very own gorgeous Samsung Galaxy A50 and AKG Y500 Headphones. I need the latter to drown out my nasty neighbour who bangs against my walls at all hours of the night while doing her dishes.

  19. I subscribed. Liked. Shared it. Explained the why I want luxurious gadgets. Thanks muchos grazias N’oublie pas mon petit soulier.

  20. drop and lost my phone in the snow today , I had a good samentian near by who was working help me locate my cell and back track where I had walk the person took time off his job in helping me find it by calling it . we found the phone face down covered in snow now that I have it, its been acting up and am hopeing that I can get lucky in winning this giveaway phone and headset. thanks for this chance

  21. If i receive this prize it will push me to the next level in being able to watch more gate content and move further in academia

  22. I dropped my samsung which I love (has a screen protector) still managed to crack it sigh have 1.5 years left on contact

  23. i want to update from my 10 yr flip phone to this beautiful prize to meet modern’s technology! i am just too far behind it seems.

  24. I NEED a new phone!! My very old phone needs charging all the time because the battery keeps dying and I would look great in pink wireless headphones

  25. I needs these amazing gifts because my current phone is ancient and wearing out and I would love a new one that I could play music on and listen to with some awesome new headphones!

  26. I need this because my phone is getting to the point that it is on it’s last legs and paried with the headphones it would make a great upgrade.

  27. I’m 72 and have never owned a cell phone. I love to walk and winning this cell phone would cause me to feel safer when I’m out and about.

  28. Amazing prize if win give to my sweet daughter late birthday gift help to download Apps and definitely keep update

  29. I’d like this early present because Samsung products rock and my Samsung Galaxy Neo 5 is failing fast! Never mind the fact that I had to tape the remaining pieces of the back on! As far as the headphone go, I’ve never owned a pair. They could become my new favourite toy!

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