Movie marketing has to go a step beyond what you saw 20 years ago. It’s not enough to plaster your posters for that big upcoming blockbuster all over town–now you need to reach people in new ways. How else can you ensure that your expensive remake of Brian De Palma’s classic horror film has any shot of box office gold, especially when it looks so bloody awful?

While it’s never wise to pre-judge movies based on their trailers–there have been a few surprises over the years–I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Kimberly Peirce’s Carrie remake is going to be truly terrible, but I give the marketing team top marks for this stunt that brought a sampling of Carrie and the character’s violence to ‘Snice Cafe in New York City’s West Village.

Watch the video below to see how the marketing team rigged the cafe for a special “outburst” by an actress, all to catch unwitting people in the chaos that had another actor lifted up a wall, tables thrown about by an invisible force, and books flung from the shelves.

Source: Mashable

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