Once Upon A Snowman | Review

by W. Andrew Powell

Disney’s Once Upon A Snowman is 8 minutes of pure Olaf. It’s a funny, mildly chaotic short with a lot of heart, following the snowman as almost literally tries to find himself.

Josh Gad hits every note perfectly in this trip back to see the “untold origins” of Olaf, and it follows some of the early scenes in the film to fill in the blanks.

After magically appearing, thanks to Elsa, Olaf gets sent down the mountainside to meet up with Oaken, the wolves, and come very close to meeting Anna, Kristoff, and Sven.

The short is breezy, light, and Olaf’s hijinks with the wolves, as they chase after his first nose–before the carrot–underscore why we love this character; he’s a pure soul.

Once Upon A Snowman also has heart, it references some of the big songs of the first Frozen movie, and it’s frankly just great having a short that’s pretty much all about Olaf. I’m sure the film could have been 20 minutes, but at 8 minutes, it’s just a fun little adventure.

While I’d love for there to be a little more story, with maybe another new song, this is really just a fun short, and that’s a great thing. Hopefully, we’ll get more Olaf in the years to come.

Watch Once Upon A Snowman on Disney+ starting today.

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