Darby Camp and Jack Whitehall talk Clifford The Big Red Dog

by W. Andrew Powell

Clifford The Big Red Dog stars Darby Camp as Emily, and she’s about to have a big, wonderful surprise when a charming red dog comes home with her.

While Emily’s mother is away, her uncle Casey–played by the hilarious Jack Whitehall–is trying to take care of her, but neither of them were ready for what happens when a small red dog to turn into a gigantic, happy, hero. They’ll have to figure out his story, and protect him, when one company wants to claim Clifford as their own.

Speaking to the two stars about the film, they shared what made the experience so special, what it was like working alongside the great John Cleese for the film, and how Whitehall enjoyed working alongside the big, red icon.

Clifford The Big Red Dog arrives on Digital in Canada on December 24, 2021, as well as Blu-ray and DVD on February 1, 2022 from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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